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must-have: Eliminate Household Food Waste

Worried about forgetting the spinach in the back of the fridge? A new app will not only alert you before it starts getting slimy, it will also tell you how to cook it.

After you input what you have in your pantry, Foodfully uses its database of how likely any particular food will last. It will recommend recipes based on what you have left in your pantry.

If you use a recipe the app automatically deletes those ingredients from your inventory. You can also tell it what you tend to eat everyday, like breakfast cereal, so it doesn't include it in the recipes. Other food can be deleted by telling the app with a voice command or swiping a particular ingredient.

The app is designed to be simple and as unobtrusive as possible, sending reminders only every two or three days at a time when you're likely thinking about what to have for dinner.

The app is currently in beta testing, early estimates indicate it may help someone eliminate as much as half of their food waste. Sign up at to know when the app launches!

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must-have: Wooden Treats for your Kitchen
The Wooden Kitchen

In a world of acrylics for kitchenware, real utensils by a real woodworker are a treat. Andy Boyce of New Virginia, south of Des Moines, crafts cutting boards and pizza paddles from maple, walnut, and cherry, much of it grown in Iowa.

A carpenter by experience, Andy loves to manipulate the wood he works with into useful designs. "Customers also appreciate the handmade wood pieces. It adds a mellow and rustic feel to their kitchens, and many feel wood is safer than plastics in terms of harboring bacteria." He treats the kitchen items with "board butter," a blend he makes of beeswax and mineral oil. He also sells that so customers can refresh their boards and paddles once a month.

He markets his items at art and craft shows in central Iowa and also makes custom butcher blocks, tables, benches, and kitchen islands. —Carol McGarvey

Find It. For information, call Andy Boyce at 515-468-8506; email him at, or check out his Facebook page, thewoodenkitchen.

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must-have: Keep the Greens Fresh
OXO Greensaver

Cut back on food spoilage and help your produce last longer by trying an OXO GreenSaver. The container can be used in your refrigerator or on your counter. It uses a carbon filter, an elevated basket, and an adjustable vent to help keep healthy food fresh for days longer. Available in three sizes for small berries, long carrots, or entire heads of lettuce. See how it works online at

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must-have: Movie Night Essentials

On a cold, winter night, who wants to pack up the kids and go out in the elements to see a movie? Whether a child’s sleepover, family time, or girls’ night in, check out these essential kitchen tools for the perfect movie night at home.

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Hot Air Popper

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Hot Air Popper
This handy popcorn popper uses hot air instead of oil for a low-fat, low-calorie snack. Bed Bath & Beyond, $27.99.

SodaStream Source Starter Kit

SodaStream Source Starter Kit
Make your own soda at home with this stylish, functional, and efficient machine. Kit includes soda maker, CO2 carbonator, sampler of 6 flavors, and a BPA-free carbonating bottle. Bed Bath & Beyond, $99.99.

16-ounce Coca-Cola Tumblers

16-ounce Coca-Cola Tumblers
These retro soda glasses feature a narrow base and wide top. Perfect for your movie-themed evening at home. Bed Bath & Beyond, $9.99 for a set of 6.

Movie Night Ceramic Popcorn Bowls

Movie Night Ceramic Popcorn Bowls
Enjoy a bowl of popcorn at home with these ceramic bowls with fun popcorn graphics. You’ll feel like you’re at the theater! Microwave- and dishwasher-safe., $34.95.

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must-have: Mandoline Slicers

Useful for preparing scalloped potatoes and vegetable crudités, the mandoline is a must-have in today’s kitchen. Formerly found only in commercial and gourmet kitchens, today’s mandoline slicers are cheaper and much more compact—perfect for home cooking. Check out some of these options we found.

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer
This affordable slicer has four thickness settings and includes straight, wavy, and julienne blades in a V-formation for easy slicing of even the toughest-skinned tomato. It features a nonslip handle and feet. It is dishwasher-safe and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. $39.99, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Kyocera Black Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Kyocera Black Adjustable Mandoline Slicer
This lightweight slicer is built for everyday use. The corner notches fit over bowls, turn dial adjusts thickness from 0.5 mm to 3 mm, and the razor-sharp ceramic blade makes cutting easy. Dishwasher-safe. $24.95,

BergHOFF Mandoline Slicer

BergHOFF Mandoline Slicer
Create precise, uniform slices of vegetables and fruits with this high-end stainless-steel slicer. Seven interchangeable blades and adjustable widths create julienne strips, sticks, fluted slices, waffle cuts, plain chips, and crinkle chips. Dishwasher-safe with a 30-year warranty. $123.34,

Calphalon Gadgets Precision Mandoline Slicer

Calphalon Gadgets Precision Mandoline Slicer
The high-performance V-shape blade design makes for effortless slicing on stainless-steel blades. Four blade inserts are included to give a variety of cuts. Lifetime warranty. $79.95, Sears.

Progressive International Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline

Progressive International Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline
Slice small fruits and vegetables with this vibrant handheld mandoline. The moveable guard easily adjusts to thin, medium, and thick slices. Hand-wash only. $14.97, Walmart.

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must-have: Rolling Pins

Useful for making pies, gingerbread people, and Sunday morning biscuits, rolling pins are a must-have for every baker’s kitchen. There are more varieties than you could ever imagine! Check these out.

Williams-Sonoma Tapered Rolling Pin

Williams-Sonoma Tapered Rolling Pin
French pastry chefs rely on this classic tool for rolling out thin, uniform circles of pie or tart dough. The handle-free design means no moving parts that can wear out. The tapered shape can be pivoted to create a perfect round. Made of rock maple, a hardwood prized for its strength, smoothness, and durability. $14.95, Williams-Sonoma.

Fox Run Craftsmen 10-inch Marble Rolling Pin with Stand

Fox Run Craftsmen 10" Marble Rolling Pin with Stand
Stylish and functional, this marble rolling pin retains a cool surface temperature that reduces sticking. And the smoothness and weight of marble make rolling anything a breeze. The hardwood handles provide a comfortable grip and durability. The hardwood stand also solves the storage dilemma that rolling pins provide. Available in white or black marble. $17.99,

Harold Imports 12-inch Beechwood Rolling Pin

Harold Imports 12" Beechwood Rolling Pin
This classic wooden rolling pin is the same design that’s been around for ages because it simply works. The weight of wooden rolling pins promotes easy rolling for any purpose. Made of solid beech wood. $33.99, Linens-N-Things.

Cuisipro 22-inch Stay Cool Rolling Pin

Cuisipro 22" Stay Cool Rolling Pin
The ultimate tool for working buttery piecrusts and pastries is this stainless-steel rolling pin. Fill the hollow core with cold water to cool the surface to keep butter cold and reduce sticking. The extra weight from the water makes rolling easier. $43,

SILPIN 10-inch Silicone Basic Rolling Pin

SILPIN 10" Silicone Basic Rolling Pin
Nonstick silicone is making an appearance in the kitchen for everything from spatulas to muffin pans. It makes this rolling pin the perfect tool for rolling dough, and the bright colors add style to any modern kitchen. Dishwasher-safe. $19,

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Dish Racks

If it’s going to sit on your countertop, it might as well look fabulous! Check out these drying racks that combine function with fashion.

dish rack

Joseph & Joseph Arena Draining Rack
This innovative and compact design provides room for up to five place settings. Flexible ribs hold dishes in place and help prevent chips and scratches. Sloping base channels water away quickly, and integrated spout drains directly into sink. Made from polypropylene and silicone. $42.00,

dish rack

Harold Imports Dry Dock
This dry dock dish “rack” ensures maximum hygienic drying for all your kitchen items. The proprietary honeycomb structure delivers speedy drying results, leaving your counter drip free. Hygienic, antibacterial microfiber prevents mildew. Cushioned drying for both sturdy and delicate dishes and stemware. $14.95,

dish rack

Steel Frame Dish Rack with Wine Glass Holder
This stainless steel rack by simplehuman® features a removable wine glass holder that holds up to
4 large wine glasses. The bamboo knife block stores knives safely and the flatware caddy keeps utensils neat and organized. Includes a drain spout pivot to drain water directly into the sink. $79.99,

dish rack

Lipper International Bamboo Folding Dish Rack
This incredibly stylish and sturdy bamboo dish rack holds up to 14 dinner plates, and has an additional rack for cups. Fold it flat for simple storage. $19.99,

dish rack

Lawn Countertop Drying Rack
Flexible grass blades hold just-washed baby accessories perfectly, including oddly shaped items like pacifiers that fall through the cracks of the average drying rack. No mowing required! BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free. $29.99,

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Grilling Gadgets

Bored with grilling standard hamburgers and hotdogs? Jazz up your grill with these great gadgets to cook pizzas, poppers, meatballs, seafood, and potatoes!

bbq tools

Himalayan Salt Plate
These natural, hand-cut slabs of pink Himalayan salt can be used on the grill, range top, or in the oven. You can also chill them for serving sushi and appetizers. On the barbecue, use them for cooking fish, flank steak, or seafood. The plates give your food extra flavor, but won’t over-salt it. $29.95.

bbq tools

Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Large Pizza Pan
A 12" pan that can be used to cook frozen or fresh pizzas on the grill or in the oven. Perforated bottom allows moisture to cook out and smoke to seep in, so food comes out crispy and well-flavored. $16.

bbq tools

Meatball Grill Basket
Add meatball subs to your grilling repertoire! Featuring 12 perforated wells to grill meatballs while excess fat drips away, this stainless-steel basket is a perfect addition to your grilling collection. $49.95.

bbq tools

Potato Grill Rack
If you like baked potatoes, you’ll love them grilled. Simply stick washed potatoes onto the upright, stainless steel prongs, which conduct heat inside the spuds for faster cooking. Rack holds four potatoes. $9.99.

bbq tools

Chili Pepper Grill Rack and Corer
An ingenious jalapeno popper tray for grilling! Great for parties, the stainless steel rack and corer allows you to create delicious appetizers quickly and easily. Holds 18 peppers. $21.95.

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BBQ Utensils

Admit it. It’s time to replace your old, grimy grilling utensils. Luckily, we have some suggestions.

bbq tools

Kenyon Custom Stainless Steel Grill Utensil Set
Made of high quality stainless steel, these tools have removable soft-grip handles for easy cleaning. The 4-piece set comes packaged in a canvas bag that can store inside the grill lid. Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs, grate cleaning brush, and carrying case. $67.46.

bbq tools
Hortense B Hewitt Grilling Utensils
This grilling set includes a stainless steel grilling fork, spatula, serrated-edge tongs, knife, and basting brush in a carrying case with shoulder strap. The case turns into an apron, offering
a convenient way to keep your tools at hand. $50.

bbq tools
OXO Grill Tools, 4-Piece Set
Durable stainless steel tools with beechwood grips and long handles so hands stay safely away from the heat. A stainless steel hanging hook on the end of each handle makes it easy to store the tools and retracts when not in use. Set includes: turner, tongs, hook, and silicone basting brush. $49.99.

bbq tools
BergHoff 10 Piece BBQ Set
This BBQ set is backed by a 30-year warranty. The hefty, surgical-grade stainless steel tools with ergonomic handles include a spatula, barbecue fork, tongs, 10" knife, and 6 large skewers. The sturdy aluminum carrying case stores and protects. $155.

bbq tools
Weber Style 3-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set
The right way to round out the griller’s toolbox. This 3-piece set includes a spatula, chef’s tongs, and a barbecue fork. $34.99.

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Kitchen Scales

Achieve consistent results by weighing your ingredients with a kitchen scale.

kitchen scale

SOEHNLE Flip Orange Digital Kitchen Scale
A super-slim, space saving kitchen scale with glass platform. With its
sensor touch key technology, you won’t have to worry about water damage, gunk getting stuck under the keys, or buttons breaking. Also available in purple and teal. $33.90.

kitchen scale
Cuisinart® PrecisionChef™ Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Bowl
This digital scale features a removable stainless steel measuring bowl that inverts as a protective cover for a sleek countertop display. The scale’s large LCD screen is easy to read, and the touchpad buttons quickly wipe clean. $49.99.

kitchen scale
Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station
If you are as passionate about music as you are about cooking, the world’s first kitchen scale equipped with a licensed iPod® / iPhone® docking station is for you! A high performance speaker is located in the base, making cooking and eating an even more enjoyable affair. $58.99.

kitchen scale
Salter Bamboo Kitchen Scale
This electronic scale has an eco- friendly, smooth bamboo surface. The oversized digital blue-lit screen allows for clear reading. Slim and sleek design allows for easy countertop storage or cupboard storage. $39.95.

kitchen scale
EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale
Put any ingredient into the Retro’s brushed stainless steel bowl for quick and accurate measurement. The oversized 4"dial is easy to read, and the bowl is removable for easy clean-up. Also available in silver and red. $27.95.

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Fun Kitchen Timers

Brighten up your kitchen with these cute and clever timers.

kitchen timer

A Di Alessi Girotondo Kitchen Timer
The cartoon man on this eye-catching timer was created by the King-Kong team (Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini). Steel mirror polished base with a thermoplastic resin top.


kitchen timer
Kikkerland Duck Kitchen Timer
Featuring a cute rubber ducky figurine that acts as the handle to turn
the dial, this kitchen timer lets out a series of energetic “Quack!” sounds to signal
that your food is done. $15.99.


kitchen timerr
Kikkerland Owl Kitchen Timer
Mimicking nature, turn the head on this adorable owl kitchen timer to
desired setting and wait for timer to ring.


kitchen timer
Joseph Joseph® Pie Timer
This simple but striking kitchen timer is an innovative way to keep track of time. Simply
twist the top half to reveal an easy-to-read analogue dial, and stop when you reach
the required number of minutes and seconds—up to 1 hour.


kitchen timer
Dii Kitchen Chef Decorative Kitchen Timer, Set of 3
Add whimsy to your kitchen with a set of 3 kitchen chef timers. Makes a great
gift for the budding chef. Times up to 60 minutes.

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Veggie Steamers

Ready to get steamy? Steaming your veggies is not only fast and healthy, but it also preserves
nutritional values while retaining the food’s natural flavor and texture.

vegetable steamer

RSVP Endurance Steamin’ In The Rain Vegetable Steamer, 9"
No-scratch silicone boots on this stainless steel steamer are countertop-friendly.


vegetable steamer
NordicWare® Microware™ Vegetable & Seafood Steamer
Made for microwave use, this high-density plastic steamer is more efficient in
transmitting energy to the food, giving you even cooking that is free of hot and cold spots.


vegetable steamer
Trudeau Silicone Vegetable Steamer
A flexible silicone steamer that can bend to fit a wide variety of pots and pans,
with stable, non-scratch tripod feet. $12.99.


vegetable steamer
Sanyo EC-505 5-Cup Rice Cooker and Vegetable Steamer
This electric steamer is fully automatic with single switch operation.
The stainless steel steamer tray is deep enough to hold a large quantity
of vegetables. $32.05.


vegetable steamer
Vollrath 3-Tier Aluminum 5 Qt. Vegetable Steamer
This steamer’s sections fit tightly to give you the perfect seal to keep the steam heat inside.
Four-piece set. $75.72.

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Cookie Helpers

Whether you take part in a cookie exchange, bake little morsels as gifts, whip some up for your holiday party, or just bake them for snacking, these handy tools will help perfect your holiday cookies.

kuhn rikon

Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press
Make dozens of cookies in a flash with this lightweight and easy-to-use baking tool. $19.95.

holiday cookie cutters

Holiday Copper Cookie Cutters
Made from durable copper, these cutters will last for countless baking days ahead. Set of 12. $79.95.

snowflake pan

Wilton Snowflake Non-Stick
Cookie Pan
Makes perfectly shaped cookies every time. Just press dough into the snowflakes for a blizzard of cookies! $11.99.

oxo cookie scoop

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop, Large
For consistently round cookies, use this cookie scoop that produces a 2.75-inch cookie. $15.99. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

cookie tree kit

Wilton Cookie Tree Kit
Create a beautiful tree perfect for a
perfect holiday centerpiece. Just bake, stack, and decorate. $7.99.

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Muffin Bakers

Muffins have many identities these days! Whether it’s baking the just muffin top, adding a surprise filling, or creating pumpkin-shape muffins, there’s something for everyone.


muffin mold

Wilton Silicone Mini Leaf & Pumpkin Mold
Get festive for fall! These molds are perfect for dressing up muffins. $8.05.


nordic ware
Nordic Ware Muffin Pan with Lid
Bake up to 12 individual muffins or cupcakes at a time. Aluminum pan creates even heat distribution for perfect browning! $23.99 Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines


surprise pan
Chicago Metallic Surprise Pan
Create a surprise in every muffin! Whether they contain cherries, chocolates, or even a savory cheese, these muffins are sure to please. $22.00. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines


muffin top pan
The Original Muffin Top Pan
Bake everyone’s favorite part of the muffin—the top! Makes 6 large muffin crowns with ease. $15.99. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines


red silicone bake cups
Jumbo Red Silicone Bake Cups
These reusable muffin cups are great for baking up a small batch of muffins and are easy to clean. $8.99.



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Nothing refreshes quite like an ice-cold beverage in the late-summer heat. Whether infusing water with cucumber or making the freshest tea possible, these pitchers are pitch-perfect.

takeya flash chill iced tea maker
Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker
The chilling pitcher converts the freshly brewed tea to iced tea in seconds. It’s cool, refreshing and fast. $44.00. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

viva ice pitcher

Viva Ice Pitcher
Nothing hits the spot like an ice-cold lemonade. The removable ice chamber keeps it cool without watering it down. $18.00.

prodyne iced fruit

Prodyne Iced Fruit Infusion Fruit Flavor Pitcher
The possibilities are endless! Add anything from raspberries to tea to cucumbers to water. $30.00. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

le crueset

Le Creuset Stoneware Sangria Pitcher
Features wide pouring spout to accommodate fruit slices, large handle for easy pouring, and durable stoneware.  $55.00.

takeya juice

Takeya Orange Juice Maker
Make freshly squeezed juice in no time at all with this clever all-in-one pitcher. Can store upright or on its side.  $27.50. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines



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Ice Cream Makers

Beat the heat with some homemade ice cream. Whether you use the traditional method or go for instant gratification, homemade ice cream always hits the spot.

must have
White Mountain 6-Quart Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer
Start the tradition of hand-cranking fun with your children with this easy-to-use
ice cream maker. $214.99. True Value. 100 Grand Avenue, West Des Moines


Cuisinart Ice-45 Mix-It-In Soft-Serve
1-1/2-Quart Ice-Cream Maker
Make ice cream in just 20 minutes! Machine includes a handy cone holder and 3 built-in condiment dispensers.

Cuisinart 1 1/2 Quart Compressor
This commercial-style machine makes batch after batch with no waiting between batches!
$299.99. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

ice cream ball
Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker
Make ice cream anywhere! No electricity needed—just add ice and rock salt to one end and ice cream mix to the other. 
$36.99. Kitchen Collage. 430 E. Locust Street, Des Moines

Sassafras Ice Cream Maker Kit
This kid-friendly process makes two flavors of ice cream at once. 


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Whether it’s a pile of Parmesan, orange zest, or chocolate shavings you’re after, these graters are a cut above the rest.

cheese grater

Acacia Box Cheese Grater
The renewable Malaysian acacia internal drawer catches everything.

cheese grater
Mouse Cheese Grater with Serving Bowl
Have fun while you grate. The mouse body can be removed and used as a serving bowl. Ingenious! 

cheese grater
Microplane Grater/Zester
Based on a smoothing tool for woodworkers, this razor-sharp gadget grates in both directions.

ginger grater
Ceramic Ginger Grater
This makes grating fresh ginger a snap! The sharp teeth in the center shred the root and leave the fibers behind.

cheese grater
KitchenAid Box Grater
Offers fine, medium, and coarse grating blades as well as one that slices.


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Reusable Totes

Get rid of all that plastic and paper in your life. We’ve found reusable totes to use for a number of activities, from grocery shopping to taking your lunch to work.



Envirosax La Boheme Bag
This fusion of Bohemia and the Art Nouveau movement rolls up to fit into your purse.


Built Extra Relish Lunch Tote
Brown bagging just got a lot cooler.


Baggu Produce Bag
This handy mesh bag stores fresh produce from the grocery store or farmers’ market.

rhino wine gear
Barbera Wine Tote
This insulated tote keeps bottles cool and even comes with a corkscrew.

snack taxi
Far Out Floral Sandwich-Sack
This is perfect for a sandwich, bagel or wrap.


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Get a whisk that makes every pastry chef green with envy. From flat heads to bunny rabbits, these whisks inspire and amuse—and they also work famously!

animal whisk

Two-Tone Silicon-Coated Animal Whisks
Add a bit of whimsy to your morning omelet.
$9.99. Set of 2.

kids whisk

Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen Kids’ Cockatiel Whisk
This imaginative whisk is a great way to get kids excited about cooking.

flat whisk

Rösle Silicone Flat Whisk
The flat head is designed to quickly incorporate flour into melted butter.

ball whisk

WMF Profi-Plus Ball Whisk
It’s like modern art for whisks, and it mixes fast and cleans easily.

keychain whisk

Endurance Key Chain Whisk
Whip up a frothy beverage right on the street.

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Slow Cookers

Whether simmering easy weeknight dinners, keeping those delicious dips warm at parties, or making creative desserts, the slow cooker is the great versatile kitchen appliance! It’s no surprise people have been using them for 40 years!


Crock-Pot 32-Ounce Double Diper
Cool feature: With two 16-ounce compartments, it's perfect for keeping dips
and sauces heated through.


must-have apron

Proctor Silex 1.5 Quart
Cool feature: Perfect size for singles and couples.


slow cooker kitchenaid

KitchenAid 7-Quart
Cool feature: The rounded rectangular ceramic pot offers more space for cooking poultry.


garcon apron

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget 6-Quart Programmable
Cool feature: Comes with meat thermometer and spoon.


anthropologie apron

West Bend 5-Quart With Tote
Cool feature: Comes with an insulated tote that makes transporting easy.

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Style and function meet in the middle with these aprons designed to keep away stains and identify you as the consummate cook at the same time. Be sure to get one for National Tie One On Day on Sunday, November 25.

Kiss the Cook Apron
This classic request never goes out of style.


must-have apron

Bib Ava Apron Roosters
Just the right amount of kitsch.



Design your own apron.
You can put anything you want on it!


garcon apron

Fog Linen Garcon Apron.
Gets softer and more absorbent with each wash.


anthropologie apron

The Lady’s Apron
Cuter than some dresses!



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Portable Grills

While we won’t weigh in on the great gas vs. charcoal vs. electric debate, we will offer five grills perfect for cooking hamburgers before your favorite football match-up.


Cobb Premier Grill.

Cool Feature: Runs on 8 charcoal briquettes for up to 3 hours.


HotSpot Notebook Charcoal Grill
Cool Feature: Folds up like a notebook for easy transport.


Weber Q 200.

Cool Feature: 280 square inches
can accommodate 24 brats. Gas.



Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Gas Grill.

Cool Feature: The hottest grill
on the market—literally.


Holland Companion Portable Grill.

Cool Feature: No flare-ups—guaranteed. Electric.

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round round2

Whether it's a zesty fruit smoothie first thing in the morning, an easy chilled gazpacho for a late afternoon pick-me-up, or that salty margarita at night, blenders are perfect to help beat the hot summer heat.


Vita-Mix Professional Blender

Cool feature: 240-mph blade speed is faster than race cars. $499.99


KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender

Cool feature: One piece shatter-resistant polycarbonate jar. $129.99.


Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender.

Cool Feature: Take it anywhere!. $69.99.

round4   round3
round round2
Meat Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of your summer grilling.

Blue-lit Digital meat Thermometer Fork
Cool feature: Back-lit display for night grilling. $15.99.

Taylor 502 Connoisseur Meat Thermometer.
Cool feature: Creative shape prevents rollling off countertops. $19.99.

Bonjour® Laser Probe Combo
Cool Feature: Infrared non-contact technology. $90.00.

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