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Refresh Your Home
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Refresh Your Home

Ten steps to renew your home in 2020.

A new year calls for some quick and easy updates to your home that can make you feel renewed and relaxed. Take a look at these ideas to brighten up and organize your space as the new year gets started.

  1. Make the most of your stuff
    Your large bowls and cake stands can be hard to store. Embrace their visual and functional possibilities by displaying them, as well as using them to store small items like fresh fruit, for a bold color pop. It’s efficiency at its best!
  2. Keep it fresh
    Spices, food, makeup, and other perishables have a limited shelf life. Keep on top of expiration dates by being aware of what you have, storing items appropriately and then actually using them. Try organizing your spices alphabetically to help you find what you need easily. Cook meals that call for ingredients that may spoil soon.
  3. China night
    You don’t have to only use your fine china during special holidays. Whether it’s tacos on Tuesday or fish on Friday, make an effort to use your “good stuff” once a week. We promise the food will taste even better!
  4. Change the view
    Move your artwork around, swap out the frames, replace older photographs with new ones, or create a gallery wall in your home with your favorite framed pieces. There is no correct or incorrect way to arrange your art or walls, so just be creative.
  5. Get some ambience
    Ambience can make or break your décor, so light a candle with a lovely fragrance or purchase some houseplants to freshen up the atmosphere. Put out some books on the coffee table or arrange some real flowers on the table. These can be easy and affordable ways to get a fresh look.
  6. Repurpose your things
    If your things are looking a little stale try moving them around and repurposing them. Instead of the traditional coffee table use grandma’s old trunk. Try a bar cart in your entry way instead of the foyer table. Stack suitcases in the corner of the den. Switching things up can make your entire home feel new.
  7. Get rid of the clutter
    It has been said a clear space equals a clear mind. That can be true when applied to our homes. Clean out the clutter on the floor, counters, closets, and shelves and return the space to its original purpose. By losing some of the stuff that can accumulate, you can achieve a clean, open space.
  8. It’s the little things
    The details can be everything when it comes to your home. Make sure electrical cords are tucked away, scratch marks and dents are repaired, faded pillows are replaced and dead plants tossed. Take a look around and check out the little things.
  9. Try accessories
    Accessories in your home can take it from drab to fabulous. And you can change out those accessories by seasons or holidays to give it a new look all year long. Try some new pillows or a colorful throw, a beautiful tray on the end table or a fun vase on the kitchen table. Or rearrange your book collection or china display to change things up. Experiment with different items—there are no rules.
  10. Love it or leave it
    Go through your home with a critical eye to see what things you love and use and the ones you don’t that are just taking up space. Get rid of outdated magazines, plastic dishes, clothes, toys and other items that tend to accumulate. See what you can recycle, donate or pass on to a friend so that your home can breathe.


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